My 8th time to Africa.  In addition to another great trip to the Serengeti we visited the Selous in Tanzania. You can see details of my 7 prior Africa trips in the Wildlife Photography section of the LBAH web site.

In the first half of the trip we went back to Lake Ndutu in the Serengeti. After the Serengeti we went to the Selous

Our next Africa trip is in 2017, this time to Botswana or Zambia. On that same trip we are thinking of going to Cape Town and cage diving with the Great Whites. You are welcome to join us, let us know in advance so we can accommodate you and your group.

Our group was one of the best  yet. Click on the picture below and see them in action in the Serengeti and the Selous.

Upon arrival


At the Serengeti entrance


Serengeti Wildlife

We saw the usual cast of characters in the Serengeti along with with plenty of predators. A few of our hundreds of good photos are on this page.

Wild Dogs

It took me 8 trips to Africa to observe Wild Dogs. What made it even more unusual is the fact we saw them twice on this trip, once in the Serengeti, and once in the Selous.



Cubs at Play

There are two separate lion pages. The first one is lions at play, especially with the cubs. The second page is a large male lion interacting with a clan of hyena

Click on the cubs below and watch  some of their behavior


Lion-Hyena Standoff

Click on the lion picture below for a standoff
 between a large male lion and a clan of hyena




They are daytime hunters, so you get plenty of opportunity to watch them in action. They can be difficult to photograph, and seem to enjoy waiting until the light is bad for photography to do their hunting.

Click on the picture below to see them hunting


Selous Wildlife

The Selous is a vast wildlife area in Southeastern Tanzania. To get there from our camp site at Lake Ndutu we had to fly back to Arusha, through Zanzibar, then Dar Es Salam, and finally onto the airstrip at Siwandu Camp. The vehicles used here are different than in the Serengeti, but the guides are still awesome.

This is our guide Niven, ready to take us from the bush airstrip to our camp


The Siwandu camp is quite luxurious


There are many waterways and our guides knew them like the back of their hands


Click on the hippo below to see our photos from the Selous