Birds of Antarctica

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Albatross Blue-eyed shag

Snowy Sheath Bill


Antarctic Tern

Wandering Albatross

Blue-eyed shag

Snowy sheathbill

Snowy sheathbills, the only non-seabird in the Antarctic. Sheathbills patiently wait for the perfect moment to make a feeding chick regurgitate its meal of krill.

This is how the gentoo penguin regurgitates its meal of krill for its young

The sheathbill flies into the middle of the action hoping to disturb the feeding process

If the young penguin regurgitates its meal the sheathbill is happy to clean up the mess

This is a skua, one of the primary penguin predators in the region

Antarctic Terns resting and flying

They make nice black and whites

Steve Barten nailed this Antarctic Tern with its dinner

He also got this nice portrait

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