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Wildlife Blog

Welcome to the Long Beach Animal Hospital ( serving all of southern California )

The Long Beach Animal Hospital has provided quality medical care for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, snakes, turtles, tortoises, chinchillas, rats, mice, guinea pigs, wildlife, and exotic pets of all kinds in Los Angeles and Orange County, since 1961. We have a veterinary team of people that love all animals, including 7 dedicated veterinarians that are available to examine your pet until midnight seven days per week.

Every veterinarian at our hospital goes through ongoing continual education to keep up-to-date on the latest medical treatments for your pet. You can see some of their seminars on our Facebook page. Our vets care, and it shows by how much of their time they give you during your office call and their thoroughness.

From  routine checkups, Wellness Exams and vaccinations, to comprehensive medical and surgical treatment of diseases in animals, we offer a wide variety of services to keep your pet healthy and to treat disease.  This includes skin diseases,  internal medicine and routine surgery like neuters, spays, and skin tumor removals, along with complete dental care and orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. Our hospital has a surgical laser to perform many of these surgeries.

If your pet is hospitalized, overnight care is provided after our doctors leave at midnight by one of our technicians that lives in our building. We have a House Call Service if you cannot make it in to our hospital.

In this web site we have assembled a wealth of information regarding animal diseases in the Diseases Section. It is the most comprehensive veterinary web site on the Internet. You will find detailed explanations, along with high quality photos and videos, explaining the common, and also more complex, diseases we encounter in the pets in our area.

Our Learning Center is a virtual encyclopedia of information to help you learn more about how to care for your pet. Our Wildlife Care Section shows you how we provide care for the over 1,000 injured wild animals we treat for free each year.

In our Wildlife Photography section you can follow Dr. Palazzolo (we call him Dr. P), as he teaches conservation medicine and wildlife photography around the world. It is in the form of a travelog that showcases his trips to all seven continents over the last 35 years. His more current trips, like his recent Falklands Islands trip, are also in the Wildlife Photo Blog. Many clients from our hospital have accompanied him on these trips.

We also offer natural treatments, in our Alternative Medicine Section. This includes nutraceuticals, holistic acupuncture, homeopathy, VNA (Veterinary Neuronal Adjustment or VOM) and laser therapy for pets.

Our Facebook Page has original content that showcases the many things we do at the Long Beach Animal Hospital. It is entertaining, educational, and informative, and not just a reposting of content from some other Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook you can access some of the more current Facebook posts from the Current News link on our home page.

Dr. Palazzolo writes a weekly column for the Long Beach Post newspaper titled “The Vet Is In”. There is a link to it below.

Everyone at Long Beach Animal Hospital loves animals (we will take a picture of you and your pet and post it in our Clients & Pets section if you like) – and it is our mission to provide quality care for pets and exotic pets of all kinds. Call us today at (562) 434-9966 for more information.

6 days ago

Long Beach Animal Hospital

Guinea Pig Bladder Stones

Mr. Darcy was not feeling well and had some blood in his urine, so him mom brought him in for an exam with Dr. Kennedy.

Radiographs revealed two bladder stones, which Dr. Kennedy removed a few days later.

You can learn more about his treatment and see his surgery at this link on our web site:
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