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Elizabeth Wood, DVM

Dr. Elizabeth Wood is a graduate of Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona CA, and has a great passion for animal health and wildlife conservation. She grew up outside of Washington D.C., and then moved to Santa Cruz, CA where she completed degrees in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz. She also studied abroad in Costa Rica conducting various research projects, including one exploring the behavior patterns of two- toed sloths.

In the years before starting veterinary school, she worked at a large specialty hospital in Washington D.C. as a veterinary assistant, and volunteered at the National Zoo. During her time in veterinary school she completed over 25 externships in small animal, zoo, exotic, and wildlife medicine. Her most memorable vet school experience was the month she spent working at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.

Dr. Wood loves spending time on the beach with her two dogs, Kobe and Kiwi. She enjoys swimming, kayaking, surfing, domestic and international travel, yoga, sunshine, and spending time with friends. Her medical interests include wound healing, rehabilitation, ultrasonography, and soft tissue surgery.lizwood

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Meredith Kennedy, DVM

Dr. Meredith Kennedy, a Michigan State University graduate, has a lifelong passion for animals, people and travel. Her senior externship while in vet school was working with the state veterinarian in Zimbabwe, where she collected samples at ostrich ranches and crocodile ranches, and went out into the field on a Foot-and-Mouth Disease project.

She has also worked with Meserani Snake Park in Tanzania, and collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund in a conservation project for Changuu Island’s Aldabra Giant Tortoises off the coast of Zanzibar. She worked and taught wildlife biology and coastal ecology in Africa for ten years, and has also taught a course in Conservation and Biodiversity in New Zealand.

Dr. Kennedy has worked as a relief veterinarian for twenty years, including two months on the island of Saipan in the South Pacific, but is now happy to be full-time at Long Beach Animal Hospital, where she really enjoys companion animal medicine and surgery and exotic animal care.

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Tiffany Meyers, DVM


Dr. Meyers was born in Arizona and raised in a small town in Kentucky. She has owned my pets, including fish, rabbits, dogs, ferrets, chickens, cats, birds, snakes and even a pet cow. At the moment she is the proud guardian of Roxie the retired racing greyhound and Moulder the cat.

Dr. Meyers received her veterinary degree from Auburn in 2011. She has a special interest in surgery as well as animal behavior, and also works in the field of canine behavior training and psychology.

For hobbies she hosts live trivia, sings in several local bands, enjoys horseback riding, going to the beach, and relaxing at home with her pets.

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Alexis Yamamoto, D.V.M.


Dr. Y graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 2013. She has several pets, including 1 dog, 5 koi fish, and 3 tortoises. Her interests are in surgery and internal medicine. She is also an avid reader and international traveler (she likes to visit her friends around the world).

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Claudine Seto, D.V.M.

Dr. Seto has a special interest in acupuncture.

Dr Seto with a panda friend in China.
Dr Seto with a panda friend in China.
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Michelle Baccaro, D.V.M.


Dr. Bacarro loves giraffes. She has a special interest in holistic medicine.

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William Ridgeway, D.V.M.

Dr. Ridgeway graduated from Atlantic Veterinary College in 1991. He is a native of Long Beach, and carries on a long family tradition of undergraduate work at U.S.C. He has been working at the LBAH since July of 1991, and became a part owner in 1997.

Dr. R.’s special interest is in reptile medicine, although, like all of our doctors, he works on all species. He is available to give presentations on reptile medicine.

Dr. R works with local community groups and schools.


Dr. R is a world traveler also. Here he is enjoying some quality time with new friends in the Galapagos Islands.



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Carl Palazzolo, D.V.M.

Dr. Palazzolo graduated from Michigan State University in 1978. after working in MI for 2 years he moved to California to be able to work more with exotic animals. In 1985 he completed his MBA from Pepperdine University. Dr. P has been at the LBAH since 1989.

A large part of what he does currently is mentoring veterinary students from all over the world. When these students reach their senior year and start their clinical rotation their professors send them to our hospital to get hands on experience. It is rewarding for the students and our staff, with Dr. P taking the lead.


Dr. P works on a wide variety of patients


Some of his feline patients are not so little, as  you can see from this picture of Eden, a Siberian tiger. In this picture she is 2 years old and weighs over 300 pounds. She used to come into the clinic for her medical care, but now Dr. P visits her where she lives. In the picture he just gave her a vaccine, and she is none too happy about it!


Dr. P also does conservation work throughout the world. He has worked with endangered species in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Borneo, Idaho, and Yellowstone National Park.





Dr. P takes people on photographic workshops around the world. All are welcome to join us. He teaches advanced digital photography for those that are interested, although many non-photographers come on these trips and have a ball.


Click on the picture below to see detailed descriptions and photos of these trips.


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