There are lions on the runway!

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Lets hope nobody encounters this when flying in the United States. I am not sure the pilots here are as used to this as the bush pilots in Africa. They have seen this before, and make sure the coast is clear (and they do the clearing) before unloading passengers.

Leopard Seal on the Hunt

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The first series of pictures shows a Leopard Seal that was inquisitive and came right up to our zodiak  before diving under us He was not afraid and swam right past us while we just sat there bobbing in the calm water When he got next to us he put his head down and dove under our zodiak On a different day this one frolicked with us for a short time He came toward us..... ...and went under our zodiak in the opposite direction Soon after this first visit a zodiak spotted one that was hunting a shag. We are not

Masai Mara 2007 Group 3

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The Shot Meisters Yea, our final group at Rekero camp. A couple of "Cheetah Chicks" teaching the cheetahs the proper way to pose This group was serious about their photography They also knew how to have fun A nice uphill hike to stretch the legs at Wilderness Trails Lewa They took so many photos we never had time for a photo contest. Instead, we reviewed photos at our mid-day break Catching that good afternoon sun.... Rick is in his glory! Getting psyched up for our camel ride Our final breakfast at Rekero One last group shot at Lewa   Click on

Masa Mara 2007 Group 2

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This page has just a few of the numerous photos we took of our second group at Ol Seki.  The Cheetah Chasers Ol Seki is a beautiful camp with its ambiance and style Our day at Ol Seki started just as early as the other camps. We tried to catch that early morning sun. By 9 AM we were back for a hardy and gourment breakfast. The breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Ol Seki were a delight. This camp allowed walking tours, so we took advantage of this whenever we could On occasion we had a unique "hunter" Masai take us