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23 10, 2020

Minimizing Stress In Cats

2020-10-23T14:55:16-07:00October 23rd, 2020|Behavioral, Cats, Current News, Tips|

Cats are interesting creatures when it comes to their social lives. They are highly prone to stress, especially in households with more than one cat. This stress can cause chronic disease, especially of the urinary tract. It is so important that have a page dedicated to this problem called Urinary Tract Disease in Cats. When this disease is caused by excess stress it is called Idiopathic Cystitis. There is even speculation that excess stress causes a "Pandora Syndrome" in cats with aspects that are similar to humans. In cats the excess stress can exacerbate skin conditions like psychogenic alopecia (a

19 06, 2020

Sandhill Cranes of Michigan

2020-06-20T08:33:13-07:00June 19th, 2020|Current News, Wildlife Photographer, Wildlife Photography, Wildlife Photography Blog|

Sandhill Cranes are a large, colorful, wary, and loud bird. Oftentimes I hear them in the distance long before I see them. This is advantageous since now I have time to set my camera and focus on them as they fly by. Compared to the smaller and faster birds I photograph like Kingfisher and Terns, the Sandhill Cranes are slow flyers and one of the easier Bird In Flight (BIF) subjects. The following photos of them flying were all taken with a Canon 1Dx Mark II DSLR, using a 400 mm D. O. lens. They were taken at ISO 2,000,

16 05, 2020

Snowy Plover on a Gravel Nest

2020-05-18T14:06:32-07:00May 16th, 2020|Current News, Wildlife Photography Blog|

This endangered bird usually makes a nest on the beach. This one decided a gravel parking lot would make a better one. When I first arrive she was sitting on the nest facing away. I did not want to get closer and disturb her just to get a better shot.   After a few minutes she stood up and faced me sidewise She started to walk away She seemed to change her mind and walked towards me She gave me another sideways glance, bobbed her head a few times, and ran back to the nest. I took that as my

16 05, 2020

The Osprey and the Crow

2020-05-18T14:04:54-07:00May 16th, 2020|Current News, Wildlife Photography Blog|

Lots of action at Bolsa Chica Wetlands recently. We watched an osprey return with its catch, only to be bothered by a crow for a period of time. Eventually the crowed realized the osprey was not dropping the fish, and after squawking for his buddies to show up to no avail, the crow left. Flying in, with the fish held head-first The branch he landed on was one he was accustomed to The foot with the fish was locked in place and he had to land with the other foot It was difficult to balance the still thrashing fish on

5 12, 2019

Vincent Palmeri- Extern Daily Diary  12/4/18

2020-02-11T04:31:19-08:00December 5th, 2019|Current News|

Today was another great experience at LBAH.  I started my day going over very important cases with Dr. P, cases that are very common on a daily basis for veterinarians.  The case we discussed was about Lil man.  Lil man is a 10.5 year old neutered male Shitzu that came in because he was not eating, and unexplained urinary accidents at home.  His examination and lab diagnostics pointed towards a infection in the urinary system.  With a great assessment by the doctors and proper medical treatment, Frankie has been doing much better at home since he was discharged.  Urinary diseases

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