A valuable service we provide for many busy and mobile people is our boarding service. It is particularly valuable for pets with medical problems because we are able to give these special pets the attention and medication they need.

Admission Form and Exam.

Our Boarding Admission Form gives you the opportunity to let us know any special needs your pet has. Medications that are needed, feeding timetable and amounts, exercise instructions and emergency contact numbers all go on this form. We encourage you to bring anything from home to make your pet feel more comfortable during its stay, including any special food.

Every boarding pet is given an exam by one of our technicians upon admission. This alerts us to any problems or special needs, and documents important health parameters like weight and temperature.

Terri and Aile are doing a pre-boarding health exam



Health Report

Information obtained from the admission exam is documented on each pet’s health report and kept in the medical record while your pet is with us. It gives us a comparison of a pet’s physical condition upon admission in case problems arise. This health report is given to owner’s when they take their pet home.

It is reassuring to know that your pet is healthy upon this examination. The health report also alerts you to future medical services needed like vaccines, parasite checks, and an especially important area, dental disease.



We keep close track of your pet during its stay. Every day we monitor appetite, urination, and bowel movements. Every few days we reweigh boarding pets, and of course, we provide plenty of attention on a daily basis.

This is an example of one of the boarding cards we use to monitor your pet’s stay with us. It is placed on the front to the cage allowing us to know at a glance how your pet is doing.

We will gladly bathe your pet any time.


Special Services

A significant number of pets that board with us have medical problems. Our ability to give medication and monitor their condition is one of the primary reasons people board these pets with us. We are able to provide oral medications, injections, and fluids. The nursing staff that provides this care is highly trained and works under the direct supervision of our veterinarians.

Feel free to tell us of any special needs your pet is in need of when staying with us.


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